Portable x-rays to cure COVID-19


CureRaysTM for COVID-19

Did you know?

X-rays may help cure COVID-19 


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In hospitalized patients who required oxygen support for severe COVID-19,  early studies suggest that x-ray treatment may prevent intubation, reduce time on mechanical ventilation, shorten the time to clinical recovery, and improve labs and radiographs, compared to controls treated for COVID-19 without x-ray therapy.


Conditions we can treat with x-rays

"When first discovered, scientists didn't know what x-rays were, naming them with the letter "x." Now we know that x-rays can modulate the immune system and help improve patient outcomes. 

CureRaysTM aims to bring treatment to the patient bedside."

-Mohammad Khan MD PhD

X-rays are particles/waves of light that carry energy.

At low levels, this energy can be safely used to stop inflammation and turn on or reset the body's natural immune defenses. 

Conditions currently being studied:


-acute respiratory distress syndrome

Conditions previously studied:

-sinus infection


-infectious pneumonia


Conditions currently treated with low-dose x-rays:

-Joint arthritis

-Heterotopic ossification 

-Castleman's disease


-Hemolytic hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)

-Langerhan's-cell histiocytosis (LCH)

-Grave's ophthalmopathy


-Muscle contractures


How x-rays cure

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, pioneering scientists William Roentgen, Henri Becquerel, and Pierre and Marie Curie first discovered and explored X-rays. The term "X" was first used because the rays were not well understood. 

X-rays were first used at low doses for medical imaging. Since the 1940's, X-rays have been used at high doses for weapons and nuclear power. X-rays are now a potent cure for cancer.

X-rays at low doses have been newly discovered to help cure a number inflammatory and infectious conditions. Novel CureRaysTM technology creates x-rays at a specific doses to treat these conditions and make treatments safe and more accessible.

"Low doses of x-rays have been used to treat cancer and many inflammatory conditions for decades. We're aiming to add COVID-19 to that list and mobilize novel CureRaysTM technology to bring treatment to the bedside."

-Clay Hess MD MPH

Hospital Bed

Radiation treatment at the bedside



For the first time

Radiation now comes to you 

Cutting-edge technology in a novel patented CureRAYSTM system aims to bring x-rays that penetrate through the lungs to the patient bedside. To help us achieve this, considering donating here

*Not actual device, development in processs (stock photo).

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